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Good Friday

 A Day of Forgiveness  and Sadness


    As we have be reliving Holy Thursday and now we are in the time of Jesus being crucified I can't help but think back in time on how Peter would deny his connection to Jesus  three times before the rooster crowed as Jesus had told him would happen. We know he did, even though he said he wouldn't do that.  I would image out of fear for his own life and maybe his family's life, too is the reason he did this. We know the outcome he asked for forgiveness and Jesus forgave him. We know that Judas couldn't forgive himself and in a state of despair killed himself for being the one who betrayed Jesus.  What a different outcome if he could have asked Jesus for forgiveness and accepted it.  People's lives that would have changed in his lifetime and thru the many years since then that would have had the hope of knowing that our loving Savior forgives us all for our inequities when we ask Him.  The act of forgiving is the greatest liberation we have in forgiving others and ourselves for peace of mind.
    Jesus forgave everybody that caused him harm in anyway as He hung from the cross and said  "Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing". If Jesus can forgive why can't we no matter what the circumstances. It doesn't mean someone has to be in your life to forgive them or  a person should not be punished, if the act was a crime.  Again it depends on the circumstances but forgiveness is the key to relieving anxiety and resentment. It fills the void with joy of heart that we are truly loved by God.
    For us that are Catholic we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation truly a blessing and a gift from God.  But God does forgive us even before we go to this sacrament so there is hope and consolation for everyone else that is not Catholic we are truly loved and cherished by God.
    The best Easter gift you can give yourself is to forgive anyone for anything and most of all forgive yourself for any wrong doing in your life and try to make amends where possible.  But most of all go to the Sacrament where the grace of God gives you the strength to forgive others and yourself so your Easter can be a liberating experience of joy and hope. If Jesus going thru all His agony and pain for us could forgive then we should be able to do the same.
In His Love and Service,

    Sandy Donovan

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Created  April 3, 2005

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