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Serving everyone because financial difficulties and hunger have no boundary lines.

For help obtaining food or volunteering call the volunteer pantry director at this number:
978 -250 3818
Mission Statement:

The purposes of the Corporation are to provide a resource for those in need:
To offer food, clothing, shelter and companionship for those in need, as well as to act whenever and however possible as advocates for the disadvantaged, and to engage in other charitable purposes lawful in this Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Chelmsford Community Exchange, Inc. /   Non-Profit ID # 04319400

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  grapeleaf iconPantry Hours

UPDATES: We are opened from the first Sat. in December until the last Saturday in April from Noon until 1:30.

WE DO NOT PRE-BAG- Food pick up weekly.
Note: Please see
Saturday hour changes  below for 2010-11.

One North Road,  Chelmsford, Ma.-The old town hall, parking in rear of building.

Food Drop Offs:

Food Drop Offs

10:30 AM to1:00PM
6:45 PM- 7:45 PM

Food Pick ups:

Year Round:

Thursday /  2-4 PM
Friday  /      6:30-8 PM 

Saturdays -Noon to 1:30PM
First week in December through the last week of April
Please, Pantry users only to protect confidentiality

Check Holiday hours

Brazilians and Africans
Year  Round:

 5PM to 8PM

 Check Holiday hours

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 peach icon Note on Holiday Hours  2011

   Call or email Pantry for changes or updates:

        978 -250 3818  (changes in hours on message for drop offs and pickups)

   Christmas Hours-2011:


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grapeleaf iconPoverty Guidelines for the United States:

NEW -2011-Poverty Guidelines


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peach iconAppearances / Media News


Sandy's blog is updated on a regular basis-Check listed link.

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grapeleaf icon NEWS / General  Information:

November 2010 Article:

THANK  YOU !December 2006 Article

/ The Pantry has  added  more services for those without transportation in Lowell.
For details please see Sandy's Article, October, 2006

The  2006 fund raising theme for  Chelmsford Community Exchange Inc. was:
  "Is your heart open to the needs of others? "

Our pantry serves The Greater Lowell area and beyond. Hunger has no boundary lines nor do people having financial  difficulties. Because of an outdated formula for evaluating  poverty income guidelines , many families are hurting and do not qualify for any kind of assistance. The poverty is hidden and very prevalent because it is invisible.  It is like a person that looks very healthy but has cancer or any other depilating illness which is eroding their insides.  Food pantries are no longer band-aids but necessities. Most of our families work that come to us for help.  Just check out the poverty guidelines on this site  and it answers for itself.
God Bless all of you for your continued support and caring!

Sandy Donovan,
Founder \ Director
  Your donations are deeply appreciated. Any of us , or our loved ones , could be in need of community support at some time in our lives.  Don't let our "Chelmsford" name deceive you, we serve numerous communities in the Merrimack Valley!   We make every effort to help those who seek our help. For this reason...
money groceries clothes

Cleaning out your pantry or closet ? Don't throw out canned goods , non perishable supplies and outdated but "good clothing, please!   Check expiration dates, check for good, serviceable, clean clothing and if still  good, donate them!

We also acknowledge the numerous individuals and groups who support us through  services, time
and / or shared skills on a regular and ongoing basis.   Thank you all!

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peach iconLinks :
Sandy's E Blog Address-blogger
Sandy will be updating this on a regular basis  with news and articles.  Enjoy !

NEW! -

Project Bread

St. Marguerite D'Youville Parish Site

Merrimack Valley Food Bank

Chelmsford Independent Online.Com

Google Search



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grapeleaf icon Sandy's  Articles:
      *New  November   2010

        Flyer 2009 ,  In God We Trust -
recently added to site-( also in Word  or  Adobe pdf )
        October 2007
Food pantry is spreading its wings

      "Good Friday -A Day of Forgiveness  and Sadness" / by Sandy Donovan

        Thank You All !
- December, 2006

         October 26, 2006 -

         Wings-Life Changes for All
October 27th, 2005 Article

NEW - Sandy's E Blog Address
Sandy will be updating this on a regular basis . Check regularly!

        12th Anniversary of Community Exchange, Inc. /  by  Sandy Donovan / June 24, 2005

Personal Flyer, Opposition to stem cell research   / by  Sandy Donovan / February, 2005

"Food Pantry Headaches and Blessings"  / by  Sandy Donovan / Dec.  2004

"Families Lives Changing Rapidly" by / Sandy Donovan
(Article  Republished here)

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    peach iconDonations Form:

     Please print this page,  share with others,  and  cut and mail the form below if you or your  church or organization can help us in this time of need.  Download,View  or print a  Word Document Flyer  for organizational use and making revisions,as needed. Thanks!

Date: ____________________

Amount: ___________________

Check No: __________________

Retain this stub for your records


Enclosed is my cash contribution to help. 

$5.00            /     $10.00    /    $15.00     /       $25.00      /   Other________
Your Name:__________________________________

Indicate Address:____________________________________

Please make checks payable to : 
Chelmsford Community Exchange, Inc.
PO Box 394
Chelmsford, Ma.  01824

 tel #:   978-250-3818

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Sandy will be updating her blog . Check regularly!

Linda Dano-Lavery
Power on Projects-Tyngsboro, Ma
proud supporter of 
Sandy Donovan's
last updated 7-22- 2011
Chelmsford Community Exchange, Inc


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